You may already know the term "Karma Point" if you have visited social bookmarking services like Reddit. A Karma Point is the currency used as a reward for users participating in the communities.

But the only place where you can use your Karma is - the more Karma you have - more posts you can make to the respected communities. Karma points are a tally of "upvotes" "upboats" and "upghosts" that your comments and submissions have made. Otherwise they are basically of no use. Reddit is no different either.

That's where Share me takes this concept to the new level - where you can actually redeem your Karma point earned here - with the Get Free Followers coins system. You can also do the opposite - if you are already active in Get Free Followers and earned good enough coins there - us them and increase your Karma here in Share me.

If you are wondering - what exactly is Get Free Followers - it is the premiere social media marketing service of Pure Money It's all FREE of course - as is their other services as well.

The best thing about this exchange is - you can actually make REAL money by doing this exchange. There are a host of earning options in Get Free Followers - follow their how-to articles here: How to make money from Social Media.

As social bookmarking submission services are considered high in search engine rankings - the conversion ratio of Share me Karma to Get Free Followers coins is higher - compared to Pure Money Making's other services - means by converting Share me Karma to Get Free Followers coins - you'll earn more coins than the other services.

Time and again we'll post the conversion rate and a comparison with other services as well in the Share me website. Depending on which of our service is receiving more activities - these ratios will keep on changing - keep an eye on this.

Also keep in mind that - separate activities earn you separate amount of Karma. Usually if your story is published by receiving a certain number of up-votes - then you receive the most Karma. Below is the activities that earns you Karma - the higher they are - more Karma your earn for that:

  1. Submit a story that becomes published
  2. Submitting a story
  3. Submitting a comment
  4. Voted on an article
  5. Voted on a comment

But note that - there are some activities - that reduces your Karma - e.g. getting down-votes / if your story is discarded. And of course - your story / comment must not be marked as spam. Here is the activities that reduces your Karma - the higher they are - more Karma you lose for that:

  1. Story or comment is marked as spam
  2. Story is discarded
  3. Comment is removed
  4. Vote on an article is removed

Every now-and-then we reward users manually as well - with a bunch of Karma points - if they are performing really well in the community.

So be careful, accumulate as much Karma as you can - and don't forget to use the Karma exchange with Get Free Followers coins. Cheers!

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Share me is home of start-ups and entrepreneurs, who are looking to market their content. This is the premiere SEO tool of Pure Money - which is a combination of REAL money making tools and tips, that can easily make you a work from home professional.

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